Translation of ”Läs inga rader”

Translation of ”Läs inga rader”

Läs inga rader – Speak no words at my grave

Speak no words at my grave
Here lies the remains of a man never giving it all
Close all windows, don’t light any candles
Erase all tracks in this house of me that I left behind

Speak no words at my grave
Here ends the thread of Verdandi, so thin it has broken
Turning echoes like replicates
Lazarus returned from the dead – I will not

Speak no words at my grave
Let me start all over and leave the one I was behind
Now I’m free from all memories, free from the time
Here rests a forgotten man, reborn in peace

I wan’t to feel myself breathing again

Speak no words at my grave
There is no longer anything left to be missed
Let me slowly disappear, change and flee
To where broken becomes undistructed and exhausted becomes new

Won’t you let me breathe again

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